SteepShot has passed 70%!!!

It´s as clear sa day that more people than just me have faith in the project of norwegian Ari Halonen. Less than 3 days after launch, the project has allready passed 250 backers and 70 per cent of the cash needed to be reality.

Monday morning at 13.00 norwegian time, a lot of the sworn supporter were credit card in hand, ready to finally make reality of a new, simple brewing method, that to top it of also is mobile. All you need is boiling or hot water, and of course coffee.

If you still haven´t had a chance to get to know SteepShot Coffee Maker, the norwegian world-champion coffee guru Tim Wendelboe has not only backed the project. He is also partnering up with the SteepShot creator, offering package deals where you can get a chance to both get the SteepShot but also training from Tim, as well as superb coffee!


I´ve also written a post about this before.