Steaming milk?

Barista som steamer melk med profesjonell maskin

I recently had a friend ask me, quite embarrassed, how I steam milk for my espresso drinks and latte art. Having known this a few years already it came as a surprise to me how complicated answering could be.

To make it even worse, he sent me a picture of his espresso machine, and my jaw dropped to the floor. He was more then properly equipped!

If you don’t own a multi thousand kroner machine, check the video at the end of the post!

Not being a master barista, or even profound latte artist, I felt somehow obliged to finding an easy answer for my friend. And at the same time maybe I can give you some inspiration to start being artsy about your coffee. (Sorry, espresso).

Latte art is a skill of its own, giving life to artists creativity in the shape of all kinds of flowers, faces and god knows what else. You achieve these art works by pouring the steamed milk in a given pattern over the coffee.

Using a proper machine

I was about to make my own video about latte art and steaming milk, when I finally understood I don’t need to reinvent the wheel. So, putting my own frustrations aside, I thought I’d share the videos I find explain easily: :

The budget solution!

Being short of funds don’t need to Kill your artistic dreams! Having tried this method myself I must admit I more than once have chosen to find my French Press contrary to work the milk steamer. Just remember, without a temperature measuring device, you might risk “burning” the milk.

Jeg håper dette har både svart på spørsmålet om hvordan man steamer melk, men også ga litt inspirasjon til fremtidige latte kunstnere der ute ! Mitt beste til nå her :

Ikke verst ?


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