Critical in Switzerland, if crisis happens

Most governments around the world stockpile necessities in case of crisis or emergencies. In addition to recommendations to the public about what to have in storage for survivak, most governments also have emergency storage.

The national storage in Switzerland contains among others, rice, sugar and animal feed. The storage was started between the world wars, in case of natural disasters, epidemic or war.

Ingen kaffe i kriselageret? KRISE!?!

Until recently coffee importers, like Nestlé, have been forced by swizzled law to stockpile bags of raw beans. However, from 2022 stockpiling coffee will no longer be mandatory.

The decision was made because coffee no longer fullfill the requirements to calories and nutrients humans need to survive.Begrunnelsen er at kaffe ikke tilfredsstiller kravene om antall kalorier og andre næringsstoffer som mennesker trenger for å overleve.