Coffee and health supplements might not be a good combo

Yes, even though coffee itself is a most elemental health supplement, the combination of taking supplements and drinking coffee at the same time, might go against its purpose. Some minerals in the coffee actually block for important minerals, for instance magnesium, zinc, calcium and iron.

Just give it some time (1 hour)

I might not be the complete health nut, but following the Norwegian governments advice of taking Omega 3 supplements have been a staple of my diet. However, before ingesting anything, I like to do proper research. This is to make sure I actually get the wanted minerals and nutrition out of the little food I eat. And since I am no expert, listen to the advice the professional nutritionist has :

The nutritionists advice:

  • a smart base supplement is multivitamins, preferably in combination with additional vitamin D, during winter.
  • Have your levels testet. This is to find the proper supplements for your body, as well as to make sure you don´t overfeed your body with unwanted nutrition.
  • Avoid drinking coffee an hour before and an hour after taking supplements.