Coffee for easter, and easter coffee

Last week I wrote a post, addressing all the people having second thoughts about easter coffee, suspecting it was just some kind of saleshype, and now, with easter upon us, I felt the need to share a few thoughts regarding coffee this easter.

I tillegg til to veldig forskjellige påskekaffeer har Solberg & Hansen også Påskeespresso

I don´t care if you drink pregrinded “Frokostkaffe” (Norwegian breakfast coffe) all day, or even if you only bring one coffee this easter. At least you remembered the coffee. But if you could spare five  minutes, you might see why I recommend at least bringing two

A time and place?

What tastes better than a juicy, round, full cup of coffee, after having spent the last hours fighting your way through the snow? Or after a day in the slopes, playing around. Coffee doesn´t need to be the same drab old, black morningjuice.

If you´re going to eat easter candy, why not have some sweet dark-roast coffee as well ? Going darkroast lowers caffein, so you don´t have to worry about sleep. Vice versa, you can go light-roasted and caffeine-high into the day, happy enough to make a long five-hour skitrip feel four and a half.

Do your homework. Or not. If you just talk to your coffee suplier, they can find a matching coffee for your needs!

You might spend five minutes reading, but if you take the time needed to see what the different roasting companies offer as their easter coffee, you´re a long way already. Remember, you don´t have to spend all your money on good coffee if you´re brewing it in a septic tank!

Dark roast sweetness

Late evenings, having lit the fireplace, nothing soothes the soul the same way as a cup of dark roast coffee. No need for candy, just a good book and some warm slippers. And as I said, it´s dark roast, so you don´t need to worry too much about the caffeine.