The importance of a proper grind

Grinders are a dime a dozen, and a lot of people buy their coffee in some form of grind. But how does the grind affect the coffee?

You could have the same coffee tasting differently every time, depending on how and when your coffee is grindes. The more finely you grind the coffee the more rounded and powerful coffee. However, grinding coffee this fine will also leave room for bitter tastes to develop.

A good, burr mill grinder goes a long way in making sure the coffee grind is even, thus giving a more consistent taste once brewed.

Worn and poor coffee grinders can actually “burn” your coffee.

“Burning” the coffee grinding, heats the coffee more than you want during grinding, and this will give the coffee a “burnt” taste.

Burr mills give a much more even result then knife-based grinders. If you own a knife-based grinder, you really need to know how to operate it, so you guarantee the even grind. Sometimes you have to shake it, but don´t break it. Burr mill grinders also usually have easy adjustment options, to change grinde settings.

Using an espresso machine, you really have to make sure the grind has been done properly, to get the most out of the coffee, wether you´re looking for crema or smelling the sweet aroma. I use an old inherited hand-grinder with burr mills for this specific purpose, making it easy not having to change grind settings every time I feel like an espresso, afegato or mocca.

Remember, grinding your coffee just before brewing, enhances taste and aroma. By not having pre-ground coffee losing flavor, but purchasing whole beans, you get an enhanced sensory experience!

I made this simple Norwegian poster about grind levels :


Kaffeelsker med kronisk sykdom, som bruker nær sagt all våken tid på kaffe. Har også en evne til å fylle opp disse nettsidene med allskens kafferelatert. Har minst 18 forskjellige bryggeteknikker i eget hjem, og er stadig på jakt etter den «perfekte kaffe». Har også startet eget mikrobrenneri, for å kunne tilfredsstille egne behov.