One app to brew them all?

Searching for the ultimate coffee hand brewing app, I’ve come across some mediocre, some lousy and some quite okay apps. However, the really good ones can be allusive. In this kind of app, I expect a variety of brewing methods as well as functionality in the app. No more bells nor whistles needed.

In the end, I’m left with only two good alternatives. I’ll try to sum up the main points about these two, in random order. Links to downloads will be at the very bottom. Both apps are available for iPhone and android.

Coffee Cup Guru

This is a “must have” for any coffee beginner! If you only just discovered there are more ways to brew, this will give you a nice introduction to some of the most common used techniques. You can choose to brew different recipes available, or you can make and adjust your own preferred brewing method.

This can be particularly handy if you like experimenting with different brewing ratios, and want the ability to compare notes. I’m the log of the app you can geotag the location, rate the coffee five different smileys, and write endless notes. The data can be even synced between devices, so in case you switch between devices the data will be available anywhere you can reach the cloud.

Also, this apps sums up the amount of coffee you have brewed. In addition, to keep you well-informed, the app tells you graphically which brewing method you’ve used the most.gemetoder man bruker oftest.


As the “guru” didn’t include a recipe for the vacuum pot, I felt it was still lacking. Luckily for me I came across this video from the European Coffee Trip:

Just a few glimpses of the words vacuum and chemex, and I was ready for it!

For all the health nuts, running around with activity trackers, iWatch and Fitbit-people out there, wanting to track their health data, this app also has the possibility to add caffeine consumption into the Apple Health app. This might come in han ley, as research has proven that underconsumption ab caffeine can lead to clinical depression in caffeine addicts.

HeE you’ll find the guru :

Or have a good time with Brewtime :

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