You allready own the most important tool!


I never get tired of getting asked : “What´s the most important tool for making a good cup of coffee?”. Depending om my mood of the day, I might answer a few different things, but I basicly have two single items you should buy, and one you should have allready. The most important tool for making good coffee is of course: The will to use common sense !

Grinder, scale, mobile phone?

You can´t replace basic knowledge with some good tools. Having the understanding that coffee can be anything from tar black smudge to the sweetest tea-like fruity brew, should be a part of your upbringing. Anyone having played around in puddles know that the more dirt, the darker the mix. And fresh dirt tastes more than old, stale. Somehow, this is completely forgotten as we go for bargains on coffee, buying bulk loads, packing it into unsuitable containers, and brewing with random amounts of coffee. And you dare ask me : “How can I make as good a cup of cofeee as you ?”

A grinder could be a great start. By grinding your coffee, rather than buying pregrinded, you´ve made a big step towards getting a fresher tasting coffee. Coffee is perishable, and as soon as the beans get grinded, oxygen will start eating away at the taste. Before you know, you have a flat, boring coffee.

Bruker du fortsatt måleskje du har fått i butikken ? Har du ikke en vekt?

Posted by on 4. februar 2018

Having a scale, makes sure you use the right amount of coffee every time. A spoon will only measure a given volume, while a scale will give the weight, no matter the density

There´s an app for everything

You don´t get to make your own recipes on every brewing app you find.

Nope, there´s usually two or three good apps for everything, and loads of bad ones. I´ ve had both positive and negative experiences with most every app, wether it´s lacking brewing options or recipes. Having played around with a lot of them, I´ve found my favorite app, Coffee Cup Guru. This app has everything a basic coffee drinker needs.

Common sense

So you want to brew a better coffee? Or maybe you jus want to be able to

Synes du kaffe er forvirrende? Det er lov å stille spørsmål!

brew more consistently or even log how much coffee you brew a day ? Take a few moments to read around. Not only this site, but all the sites you find regarding coffee brewing the way you like it.

Check out your coffee supplier´s website and read about the process your coffee has been through, from crop to cup. Don´t buy the cheapest coffee on the marked, and expect liquid gold. Neither can you expect to be brewing a hundred dollar bag of coffee, leaving it on the French press fifteen minutes, hoping for sensational tastes.

You´re better of handbrewing a cheap coffee than spending big cash on pisspoor coffee makers.

Remember the mud lesson, it´s all about taste!