Delter Coffee Press

If you know the feeling, wanting a quick, but preferably good cup of coffee, without having to be locked to a kitchen. For a long time, I´ve been addicted to my AeroPress, having to settle with a cup that has been “too sweet and light” for my liking. But now there´s finally a new king of the quickbrew! Delter Coffee Press

Success on Kickstarter

As many of todays products, the Delter started as a Kickstarter campaing. Who would know that soon the campaign had trippled its modest goal of 10 000 Australian dollars. This surely gave the founders of the campaign good incentive to go ahead with production and marketing, and also sales!

However, a succeeding Kickstarter campaign doesn´t guarantee a good cup of coffee. Also, in our experience, the time from a successful campaign, to marketable product can be long. So, when Mikel at Mikel´s Kaffeverksted had the brewer in stock, I was more then happy to get a try!

No going back

Oh yes, I´ve been an AeroPress Fanboy! I´ve had my brewer with me on every travel, buss ride, hike and hospital visit the last years, but now, almost sad to say, the AeroPress has been retired. Going from the sweet and light coffee the brewer offers, the Delter has finally found a magic way of getting more flavours from the coffee in an equally short amount of time.

Brewing the same coffee in both brewers, clearly proves that using the Delter gives a lot more control, both in regards to “blooming”, but alsom controlling the amount of water that is in contact with the ground coffee at the same time. Also, not having to brew “inverted” like one must with the AeroPress, is an advantage. Not brewing inverted on the AeroPress most often leads to losing control of the blooming.

From Kickstarter to the stores

Even though Delter is based in Australia, they already have a lot of dealers worldwide. Most of these are listed on their website , but also in Norway, we have a local dealer!

Mikel Duynisveld, and his Mikel´s Kaffeverksted also has the brewer for sale on their new webshop!

Very reasonably priced at 400 Norwegian kroners, this should be a given gift for anyone who appreciates quality coffee ! Buy it as a christmas gift, or simply as a token of appreciation!

Remember quality coffee

Don´t forget that the coffee you drink, never tasted better than the money you invest, both in coffee and brewing equipment. Having a chat to a local roaster can give you insights, knowledge and tastes you didn´t know you could find. And specialty coffee is worth the investment!