French Press

When it comes brewing coffee, few things are as basic as the simple French press. You need an external source of heated water, as this process requires you to steep the coffee before pressing it.

My French press has an alien head, and some of the coffee I make is out of this world!

As with many other methods of brewing, some people prefer to let the French press bloom before soaking the coffee under water, but this is not a requirement, more a matter of taste.

Likewise the question whether or not you want to stirr the coffee while steeping is also a matter of acquired taste. Having time to gain experience with the French press will give you a lot of different taste notes.

Steeping time varies a lot, depending on your preference! Don’t let anyone tell you,you’re doing it wrong. However, leaving the coffee to steep longer than 5 minutes will effect the taste. My recommendation is to pour the coffee into a proper container. You get a variety of thermo serving options, all catering to different need. But if you think the coffee is still as great an hour later, I´m sorry to disappoint you.