Hand brewing

A lot of Scandinavians have started hand brewing coffee, or “slow-pouring” as it’s also called. This is a process where you slowly pour water over coffee in some kind of filter holder, like the Hario V60.

  • Measure the correct amount of coffee, and grind to a medium to medium-size grind, depending on preferred taste. My recommendation is approximately 30 g coffee / 500g water.
  • Put the kettle on (boiling)
  • Put a filter in your preferred filter holder, place on a caraf and rinse though the filter holder with hot water. This cleans the filter as well as heat your brewing device.
  • Empty your caraf, place the filter holder on it, and place them on the scale. Now tare It.
  • Pour your ground coffee in the filter holder and shake it gently so it falls level. Check the scale that you got the right amount of coffee, and tare it.
  • Now slowly pour a small amount, approximately 40g water over the coffee, and leave it to bloom for anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute, depending in freshNess. The more fresh the coffee is, the longer it will release gasses.
  • Pour the rest if the water slowly, aiming at a three minute pour time, and a Max of five minutes steeping.